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Server Info

The easiest way to access your email account is via the webmail client. Pawnmail can also be accessed with other web, desktop, and mobile email clients with the following server settings.

POP3:, port 995, SSL
IMAP:, port 993, SSL
SMTP:, port 587, STARTTLS
Username: your email address (e.g.


Pawnmail was created by Andrew Belt to give domain name owners a simple email solution. I use Pawnmail for my own projects and hope that you may find it useful as well.

Contact if you have any problems using the service, need help setting up your email client, forgot your password, or would just like to chat.


Each email account costs approximately $0.06 per year, and Pawnmail currently has enough funds to support 125 more days of hosting. If you find this service useful, please consider sending a tip [ PayPal | Bitcoin | Square Cash ] to ensure Pawnmail can pay its hosting bills for the years to come. (The number above will be updated manually within 24 hours of donating.)

Privacy Policy

Sent and received messages are stored unencrypted on the servers. I have never read nor ever will read email hosted on Pawnmail other than my own, but if you are concerned about privacy or security, consider using PGP encryption. (Just don't lose your private keys—there is nothing I can do to recover them.) If you are only mildly concerned about privacy, simply empty your mailbox often or use an external POP3 client to periodically download-and-delete email from the server.

Your email messages are private and are only used in the event of a legal order or search warrant in the jurisdiction of Tennessee, United States.