Step 1: Register your domain owner account

A domain owner can manage a single domain and has the capability to add and remove email addresses under the domain. Make sure you are able to edit your domain's DNS record, and register here.

Sorry, we are full. Free registrations unavailable until further notice.

Step 2: Set up your domain

Once registered, add the following MX record to your domain's DNS configuration.

Name/Alias      Record type      Priority      Value/Answer
Blank or @      MX               10            MX.PAWNMAIL.COM

Changes to your domain may take up to 24 hours to propagate through the network, but in many cases Pawnmail should notice the change within a few minutes. If you encounter difficulty with configuring your domain, feel free to contact

Step 3: Manage your domain

Once the DNS records have been updated, you may log in to set up email accounts.